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Our Top 3 Tatuaje Cigar Recommendations

In 2003, Pete Johnson of Los Angeles collaborated with Don Pepin and Jaime Garcia to create the Tatuaje Cigar. They began making cigars in Pepin's Nicaraguan and Miami factories. Shortly after in 2004, Tatuaje's Cabinet Especiales was designated Cigar Afficianado's top 25 cigars of the year. At the time, they had no idea that one day soon, they would become the most sought-after cigar in America.

Tatuaje Cigar Cabinet Especiales (Brown Label)

Today Cigar Afficianado rates the cigar at an 88 and notes it's full-bodied and bold with red pepper and black peppercorn spice. The binder, filler, and wrapper all come from Nicaragua. The band is a simple brown band with white lettering. The Cabinet range uses a Corojo 99 viso wrapper, although those chosen for the Especiales are lighter in color. The filler blends vary, resulting in a range of strength from the refined mellowness of the Especiales to the near-Cuban power of the Cazadores.

Tatuaje Cigar Private Reserve (Black Label)

The private reserve first appeared in 2008 as Corona Gorda and was designed for the seasoned Afficianado or a beginning smoker. With a Nicaraguan wrapper, filler, and binder, this cigar has received many 90 ratings and one 91 rating.

A slightly oily Nicaraguan Sun-Grown wrapper invites you in with coffee beans and earth notes. Chewy, dense flavors of sweet nougat and slight leather coat the palate, and you'll quickly understand why this one gets heaps of 90+ ratings.

Reviewers describe this: "Its lush draw layers the palate with chewy, dense smoke that is sweet with nougat and hearty with coffee bean. Flavors build to a ginger snap finish."

Tatuaje Cigar Tattoo

The buzz has been flying over the reintroduction of the Tatuaje Tattoo series, which initially appeared in 2011 in a limited edition version. The cigar was massively popular and, for a good reason, a great blend without the boutique price tag. There is no question why the new Tattoo should be any different, considering how it comes with an Ecuadorian Habano wrapper and an enticing mix of Nicaraguan filler leaves. Medium-bodied and bursting with notes of cocoa, leather, pepper and a slight sweetness.

After its limited edition release Tattoo was released in 2014 by Tatuaje made at Tabacalera Cubana (TACUBA) in Nicaragua. This factory is also owned and operated by My Father Cigars. See our article on My Father Cigar Blue Label

Final Word

Since Pete Johnson released the first cigar, he has continued to build and uphold the Tatuaje branding. A fantastic cigar that we stock at Navarre Cigar. For special orders, you can call us at 850-684-1290 or Contact Us directly. We offer the ability to purchase by the box by phone and can ship wherever you need.

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